Read the action goals of the CBM Memorial.

The Cassandra Beth Montemurro Memorial is an organization
dedicated to the values that Cassie
embodied during her life:

    • Practicing Kindness
    • Developing Intelligence
    • Inspiring Others

This website for Cassandra Beth Montemurro is intended as a celebration of her life and an expression of a continued purpose for her life. We note, however, that no fourteen year old girl should suffer as Cassie did, struggle so bravely against an illness only to die. There is an unnaturalness to the death of a child.

No one should say that Cassie's death was meant to happen, or that God wanted Cassie to be with him, or that she is happier now. Cassie would have been happy to stay here on earth with us all. But, we have no doubt that Cassie is returned, in a sense, home. She will remain in our hearts forever even as she is one with the entire universe; part of the same energy of which we all share. Cassie is all of us.

We must understand, though, that Cassie's death should never have happened. We have a right to be angry and sad. A good person is gone, and selfishly, we want her back. But the overwhelming fact is that Cassie has died. She died peacefully surrounded by the love of her family. She will never again be with us physically, but she will always, always be with us in spirit, in our loving hearts, and in our minds.

However, despite our grief, and our sadness, despite the magnitude of our shared loss, despite our pain, we celebrate and seek to preserve Cassie's wonderful and remarkable life. We remind ourselves of Cassie's personhood, her humanity, and we remind ourselves of the gifts of the heart and mind that Cassie gave us.

We pledge to honor Cassie's life each day of our lives by remaining mindful of Cassie's greatness and her humanity. Through community action, the Cassandra Beth Montemurro Memorial maintains truthfulness to Cassie's enthusiasm for life and for learning, her respect for the individuality of others, and her ability to care and inspire.

Action Goals of the CBM Memorial.

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