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Friends' Remembrances

A poem by a friend, Christina E. Robson
A poem by a friend, Annmarie Stamatatos


by Cassie's Classmates

(Our thanks to Mrs. Susan Smith, Cassie's English teacher at Longwood Junior High School for encouraging her students to share the following memories of Cassie with us. Also, thanks to Mr. Dan Tapia (that's "a" as in apple and in Cassie) and Mr. David Chase, Cassie's grade eight social studies and biology teachers respectively, for their wonderful communications, and their support of Cassie, of her classmates, and of Cassie's family during her illness and after her death. Thank you to Mrs. Alice Ganz and Mrs. Sandy Robins, two of Cassie's former teachers from Ridge Elementary School, who have helped us to keep Cassie's love of learning, love of literature, and her legacy alive. Finally, thank you to all of Cassie's wonderful friends and classmates. We're so grateful for your expression, and so very proud of you all.)

"My best memory of Cassie was just about every day, because she would always be smiling and laughing. Cassie always cared about others... even if she didn't know them. She was so considerate of others and always thought of her friends. [She was] the most diligent and hard-working student her classes have ever seen. She was probably one of the few students who enjoyed going to school and doing homework, which the teachers, of course, love. Cassie went so far to please her friends and herself, never forgetting to laugh about her mistakes. Laughing was a big part of Cassie. She had the power to make a room full of sleepy 8th period teens burst out in laughter, even the teacher. We all feel a great loss of a great friend and a wonderful person like Cassie. We will miss her very much, and hopefully learn to live with the passion for life like she did."

"My fondest memory of Cassie is usually in social studies, just talking with her. Also, laughing at the class clowns in social studies class. I remember how I would get my test from Mr. Tapia and I would get a bad grade. Then when I asked her what she got, she would say, 'An A.' Cassie was so smart. I look up to her as a friend from heaven."

"I have so many fond memories of Cassie. One of them is the two years of soccer [we played together]. It was a wonderful experience because she was such a good player and helped the team a lot. Her personality was such a good one and everything about her was so pleasing. She was such a great, smart, beautiful person and it's such a shame that she's not with us anymore. She isn't totally gone though. There was so much spark and light to her that it was too strong to just disappear... Another memory of her was she was in my 7th and 8th period classes. She always had her assignments [in] on time, and she always got good grades. Even though she was very smart, she was not a nerd. She was very funny and sweet, and she was cool all at the same time. That's what was so great about her. She was absolutely perfect."

"Our fondest memories of Cassie are truly special ones. They both occurred in our social studies class. The first one is a funny story. I [D.P] came in to class talking in the third person. My partner, K.P., J.M., and Cassie started to talk in the third person, too. Some examples are when the teacher asked us to take out a piece of paper. K, being a nice guy, says, 'K says do you want a piece of paper?' Cassie replies, 'Cassie says no because I only use paper with perforated edges.' J replies, 'J says that's mean, Cassie. J will take a piece of paper, K.'

Another classic moment between us four was when I [K.P.] walked in and started talking in a lisp. After J., Cassie and D.P.'s laughter subsided, we all started talking with a lissssp. And when our teacher called on me [K] to answer a question, I spoke with a lissssp in front of the whole classssssss. Cassie wassss laughing at that for days. I hope your realize that everybody misses Cassie extremely much. She was not only smart, but was extremely witty. And she was also very funny."

"My fondest memories of Cassie were from chorus and Show Choir. She was such a big part of our community and such a great friend..."

"I remember in sixth grade, I was having trouble with most of my major subjects. One of my teachers had referred me to her. So, during lunch I would get help from her. It was my first time ever meeting her and she made it seem as if she knew me for years. From then forth she became a friend. That quarter I passed with a 'B' average. She always had a way to make me smile"

"I have so many memories of Cassie but my fondest memory is when she came over my house for the first time. I had no clue what to do when she came over, but we had fun. I remember we went bowling and Cassie told me that she was a terrible bowler. I remember she got so many gutter balls, but she never got discouraged, she was always smiling..."

"I have a lot of memories of Cassie. I'll only tell you one right now. It was a long time ago in second grade. I handed in my homework one day and the girl who collected it erased my name and put hers. The teacher called out all the names of the people who didn't hand in their homework. She called out my name. I got really upset because I never got in trouble. The teacher called me up to her desk and asked me why I didn't hand in my homework and I said I did. Then Cassie came up to the desk and told the teacher she saw me hand it in and the girl who collected the homework erased my name and put hers... Cassie told the teacher over and over again what she saw... I have a lot of memories of Cassie like this one because she was a very generous person. There are also a lot of memories of me helping her."

"Cassie was in the play 'Grease' with me. She was Rizzo. We all thought she would get Sandy because she was really nice and smart. When it came time for us to go on we all got really nervous, but she calmed us all down by saying everything will be o.k."

"My fondest memory of Cassie was her smile."

"My fondest memory of Cassie is from when we were in chorus in sixth grade. We sat next to each other all year long. She had the greatest voice in chorus, I think. Well, we had to try out for solos and there were two different soprano solos. So Mrs. Schimpf said that she would pick two different sopranos to do those solos. So a bunch of girls tried out and we all knew that Cassie would get one of them because she had the best voice out of us all. I didn't think I would ever get the part but Cassie told me that I did great and she thought I deserved the part. That made me feel great because I never tried out for a solo before in my life, but then when the day came when we were going to find out if we got the part or not I was so nervous. Cassie told me that it was ok and she said that if I didn't get it that I should know that I have a great voice and that I did deserve that part. So we went to see if we got [the solos] and to my great happiness, Cassie and my names were on the list... We sang solo together in our concert and I'll never forget that..."

"My fondest memory of Cassie would be her playing volleyball. Since she was so tiny she wasn't able to serve the ball over the net, so every time it was her turn to serve we would switch her with someone else... She never got upset or hurt by it... She was always cheering us on, and said that no matter what we kick butt... So it didn't matter if we won the game or not -- she was still there with her big, beautiful smile to cheer us up."

"...I wish I had the sincerity Cassie had. She was so kind and when she looked at you with that smile on her face you felt so safe and warm..."

"I have so many great memories of Cassie. She was such a great person... she will always be my role model. She had so many great qualities and expressed herself so wonderfully... She never put herself before anyone else. I miss her so much."

"My fondest memory of Cassie is that she always smiled and was happy... She was the type of friend that you could trust with your deepest, darkest secrets... She felt people's pain with them and their joy..."

"Cassie sat next to me in social studies, and was always concentrating on the lecture or her work. She was quiet and smart. She seemed to not care if she wasn't the most popular girl in school. She liked herself for who she is."

"My fondest memory of Cassie was when I would tease her about how perfectly she spoke... Other people would mumble, but even though Cassie wasn't loud you would always know what she had to say."

"My fondest memory of Cassie is her fourteenth birthday party. We all had so much fun... I made a lot of new friends that night and had the chance to meet her cousin Rachel. She and Cassie were really close, and Rachel was so nice. I could see why Cassie liked her so much. Cassie was so sweet and she didn't even expect any special treatment for her birthday. She thought of her guests first and did everything she could to make us feel welcome and at home..."

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