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Action Goals of the
Cassandra Beth Montemurro

We put forth the following action goals for the organization dedicated to our daughter's memory. As teachers, some of the goals are within the area of our professional responsibilities. However, we are motivated to have a greater impact within our community that goes beyond our individual classrooms. Like Cassie, acting kindly, intelligently, and with inspiration, we will be as helpful and as caring as possible to those people with whom we come in contact during the course of our daily lives. More, we seek community-wide action to achieve these goals.

Recognizing that our own limitations may change the goals and that we cannot reach such goals without others, we call on those who loved Cassie to join us as we seek concrete ways to continue Cassie's impact on the world.

The Cassandra Beth Montemurro Memorial, to honor Cassie's life and to preserve her memory, seeks to encourage, promote, and develop:

Literacy education and literature outreach programs for children and adolescents.

Youth character development programs including peer assistance and peer modeling.

School-community partnership programs including parent support and education.

Death education and bereavement support, in particular, for adolescents.

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